Rajasthan Drone Expo 2022 (Jaipur)

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In consistent efforts to nurture the IT advancement in the state and create a competitive environment among associated firms, the State Government in its Budget for the FY 2022-2023 has announced the procurement of Drones to ease its functioning. In the same regard, the Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government of Rajasthan organized the “Drone Expo June 2022” at Techno Hub on June 16, 2022. The event hosted various relevant discussions, workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities with renowned industry experts. The objective of the event was to provide a prodigious platform for OEMs, Service Provider Vendors, and Startups to showcase their drone capabilities. The event has provided participating stakeholders an opportunity to interact with the Secretaries and Representatives of various State Government Departments and explore the possibilities of collaborations pertaining to procurement of drones and inclined services for the state. More than 50 Drone manufacturers showcased different capabilities of drones like lifesaver in flood, or undersea emergency situations, Drones utility in irrigation & agriculture etc. at the ‘Done Expo 2022’




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