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History :

The Department of Computers was established in 1987. In its nascent stage, it was functioning under the State’s Planning Department, to provide state government a strong technical foundation to better serve its citizens and to create more accountability and efficiency through computerization. Thereafter,on 1st April 1988, the Department was reconstituted as Directorate of Computers which, with the enhancement in its scope of work form computerization to IT enablement for framing policy, planning, implementation and monitoring of Information & Communication Technologies and e-Governance projects, was further renamed as Department of Information Technology on 30thSep 1997. Consequently, in the year 2002 the Department was rechristened as Department of Information Technology & Communication which is continued till date.


The Government of Rajasthan would leverage Information & Communication Technology (ICT) not only as a tool for improving governance and employment opportunities, but also more significantly as a means to enhance the quality of life and bridging the socio-economic divide in the State. The State Government intends to make conscious efforts to see that benefits of IT/ ITeS in terms of employment generation and economic up-liftment percolates to all sections of the society, particularly to those living in rural and remote areas.

e-Governance Framework include:
  • Adherence to the vision of IT Policy 2015
  • Timely completion of Core NeGP projects in the State
  • Standardization and Security Aspects
  • Capacity Building
  • End-to-end Service Delivery under:
    • Government to Citizen (G2C) Services
    • Business to Citizen (B2C) Services
    • Government to Government (G2G) Services


Department of Information Technology & Communication (DoIT&C) is working to put technology to its highest and best use throughout Rajasthan Government Departments/Autonomous Bodies to improve the administration of State programmes and services. Proving guidance on technical matters to Departments, vetting IT projects and taking Department on achieving IT Road Map are the basic jobs of Department of Information Technology & Communication (DoIT&C).


  1. Formulation and Implementation of the Information Technology Policy in the state.
  2. Appraisal of new technologies and prescribing uniform standards by promotion of investment in Information Technology Sector (hardware, software and services) and related activities and creation and up gradation of Information Technology infrastructure in the State.
  3. Assistance in development and implantation of software packages for monitoring of key parameters and computerization of thrust areas in different departments and semi Government organizations.
  4. Standardization of hardware/software platforms for the departments/organization and to ensure dynamic monitoring of their prices and minimization of wasteful expenditure.
  5. Development of Information Technology related communication infrastructure.
  6. Assistance to the departments/semi government organizations in creating and updating websites.
  7. Planning of different IT related programme by organizing various promotional activities like national/international conferences/seminars and participation in the same.
  8. Coordination of all IT projects in the government and follow up of Information Technology related projects/schemes posed to government of India and its agencies and also other players in this field in India as well as abroad.
  9. Identification of laws and rules which need to be modified or enacted to enable legal validation and also to act as nodal agency/authority on behalf of the State Government for matters relating to Information Technology Act and similar other central and state legislations.
  10. Maintenance of database for all Information Technology related material and human resources available in the state.
  11. To organize training programmes for increasing IT literacy among the officers and staff of State Government.
  12. Facilitate and Coordinate between various Departments for successful implementation of Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) under National eGovernance Plan (NeGP) and various other eGovernance projects in the State for efficient and effective delivery of government services for better dissemination of information on government functions.
  13. Set up Core and Support ICT infrastructure for Government data storage, application hosting and Voice ,Video and Data transfers over secure dedicated network for Government services delivery to citizens and businesses as well as efficient functioning of Government Departments.
  14. Facilitate coordination Government Departments, Academic Institutions and Industry for achieving excellence in IT and related sectors.
  15. Support various Departments for their Capacity Building Initiatives through skilled manpower recruitment and training with respect to implementation and use of ICT and e-Governance projects.
  16. Support the State Government Departments in adopting best practices, guidelines, policies and standards vis-a-vis implementation and use of ICT in Government.

Organization Chart


Tenure of Department Heads

Officer Name Tenure
SHRI INDERJEET SINGH ​(RR:10) 14/07/2023​ - Cont..
SHRI ASHISH GUPTA ​(RR:13) 06/07/2022​ - 14/07/2023
SHRI SANDESH NAYAK (RR:11)​ 21/10/2021 - 06/07/2022​
SHRI VIRENDRA SINGH (RR:06) 07/11/2019 - 27/09/2021
SHRI AMBRISH KUMAR (RR:04) 08/02/2019 - 07/11/2019
SHRI ABHAY KUMAR (RR:92) 26/12/2018 - 08/02/2019
SHRI NARESH PAL GANGWAR (RR:94) 19/12/2018 - 26/12/2018
SHRI AKHIL ARORA (RR:93) 23/12/2013 - 19/12/2018
SHRI SANJAY MALHOTRA (RR:90) 03/05/2010 - 23/12/2013
SHRI TANMAY KUMAR (RR:93) 16/01/2009 - 03/05/2010
SMT. APARNA ARORA (RR:93) (COMMISSIONER) 29/08/2008 - 16/01/2009
SMT. APARNA ARORA (RR:93) (DIRECTOR) 05/05/2007 - 28/08/2008
SHRI DINESH KUMAR (RR:96) 26/10/2006 - 28/04/2007
SHRI ROHIT KUMAR SINGH (RR:89) (COMM. & SECY) 25/05/2006 - 26/10/2006
SHRI ROHIT KUMAR SINGH (RR:89) (DIR. & SECY) 17/12/2005 - 24/05/2006
SHRI AKHIL ARORA (RR:93) 26/01/2004 - 17/12/2005
SHRI KARAN SINGH RATHORE (SI:95) 29/05/2002 - 26/01/2004
SHRI AKHIL ARORA (RR:93) 28/08/2001 - 29/05/2002
SHRI MANOJ SHARMA(RR:91) 19/05/2001 - 28/08/2001
SHRI SANDEEP VERMA (RR:93) 18/10/2000 - 19/05/2001
SHRI ROHIT KUMAR SINGH (RR:89) 19/04/1997 - 18/10/2000
SHRI AJIT KUMAR SINGH (RR:83) 20/09/1993 - 19/04/1997
SHRI DINESH KUMAR GOYAL(RR:81) 01/01/1990 - 20/09/1993
SHRI RAVI MATHUR(RR:79) 22/11/1988 - 04/01/1990

About DoIT&C Portal

With excellent IT Infrastructure and skillful human resources, Rajasthan has emerged as a leader in utilizing its IT skills for better governance. Thus, an attempt has been made through this Portal to provide comprehensive, accurate, reliable and one stop source of all IT related information pertaining to the state. It highlights the initiatives taken by various government departments in Rajasthan, for creating a better IT infrastructure and user-friendly citizen services. Thus, coordinating between State Government, Semi-Government and Government of India agencies concerned with Information Technology and also coordinating various IT projects taken up in the State Government agencies. As an essential part of IT initiative, it is a gateway to all government related information and services.

Overview of the portal :
The Portal provides -
  1. A detailed knowledge repository of all the Information Technology related Acts, Rules, Policies & Guidelines, Circulars & Notices, Budget Announcements and Annual Progress Reports of the State through its Library Section.
  2. Latest news updates of the state that are concerned with the Information Technology and also covers all important IT events happening across the state under its News & Events section.
  3. A media gallery displaying photographs and videos of the major events happening in the state.
  4. An account of all the tenders of the state and important relevant information about them via its Tenders section.
  5. An overview of all the e-governance initiatives and IT Infrastructure, including information about various Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) of NeGP, Govt. of India, running in Rajasthan under its e-Governance section.
  6. A complete web directory listing all state government departments and also fully updated State IT directory/IP Directory of the officers of entire state departments in all the districts of the Rajasthan.
  7. An IT Cadre section consisting of a civil list of department employees along with a brief working history of all the employees that are associated with DoIT&C.
  8. A Closed User Group (CUG) section for the department employees where they can view all the official updates related to the department.

It is our endeavor to continue the enhancement and enrichment of this Portal in terms of content coverage, design and technology on a regular basis. The mandate of the department, now, is to create awareness and promote and facilitate use of Information Technology in Governance. Thus, we look forward to create an environment which is well acquainted with the benefits of Information Technology.

Thank You for visiting our portal. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about this portal to help us improve the portal and serve you even better.