Department Profile - Functions

​1. Formulation and Implementation of the Information Technology Policy in the state.  

2. Appraisal of new technologies and prescribing uniform standards by promotion of investment in Information Technology Sector (hardware, software and services) and related activities and creation and up gradation of Information Technology infrastructure in the State.

3. Assistance in development and implantation of software packages for monitoring of key parameters and computerization of thrust areas in different departments and semi Government organizations.

4. Standardization of hardware/software platforms for the departments/organization and to ensure dynamic monitoring of their prices and minimization of wasteful expenditure.

5. Development of Information Technology related communication infrastructure.

6. Assistance to the departments/semi government organizations in creating and updating websites.

7. Planning of different IT related programme by organizing various promotional activities like national/international conferences/seminars and participation in the same.

8. Coordination of all IT projects in the government and follow up of Information Technology related projects/schemes posed to government of India and its agencies and also other players in this field in India as well as abroad.

9. Identification of laws and rules which need to be modified or enacted to enable legal validation and also to act as nodal agency/authority on behalf of the State Government for matters relating to Information Technology Act and similar other central and state legislations.

10. Maintenance of database for all Information Technology related material and human resources available in the state.

11. To organize training programmes for increasing IT literacy among the officers and staff of State Government.

12. Facilitate and Coordinate between various Departments for successful implementation of Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) under National eGovernance Plan (NeGP) and various other eGovernance projects in the State for efficient and effective delivery of government services for better dissemination of information on government functions.

13. Set up Core and Support ICT infrastructure for Government data storage, application hosting and Voice ,Video and Data transfers over secure dedicated network for Government services delivery to citizens and businesses as well as efficient functioning of Government Departments.

14. Facilitate coordination Government Departments, Academic Institutions and Industry for achieving excellence in IT and related sectors.

15. Support various Departments for their Capacity Building Initiatives through skilled manpower recruitment and training with respect to implementation and use of ICT and e-Governance projects.

16. Support the State Government Departments in adopting best practices, guidelines, policies and standards vis-a-vis implementation and use of ICT in Government. 

Nodal Officer : Smt. Vinita Srivastava, ACP (Deputy Director)

Email : oic[dot]website[at]rajasthan[dot]gov[dot]in

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