Project Description

To increase accountability and transparency between Government Departments and the Business Partners, a centralized workflow based Software Business to Government (ebusiness) has been developed with an objective to increase transparency, accountability and reduce physical interaction between the business partners and the Government Departments.
Ebusiness portal is a one stop public interface for all the Business Partners (already engaged with the Government of Rajasthan) for official communication with the Departments under GoR.

Approach and Objective

The Business Partners who are working /interacting with the Departments of Government of Rajasthan should register themselves in the portal for doing any sort of communication.
Following are the key features of the portal:
1. Two-way Communication between followings:
a. Department to Business Partner
b. Business Partner to Department
c. Department to Department.
2. Projects
a. Work orders
b. Work Flow based processing of Communication
c. Locate Communication

Business Partner Admin can create 4 types of users:
1. District level- User for specific district
2. Department Level – User for specific Department
3. Office Level – User for specific office
4. Project Level – User for specific Project.

Following activities can be performed by the Business Partner:
- Create different type of Business Partner Users
- Create Projects
- Create Work Orders w.r.t. projects.
- Initiate and Respond the communication
- Track the communication on real time basis.
- Response /Reopen the communication.

• Bring ‘Transparency’ and increase the ‘Trust’ for better relations of the State Government and Vendors
• Establish the two-way online communication with full transparency and accountability
• Efforts of zeroing the paper-work being used for Vendors to Department and vise-versa communication
• Ease of doing communication and tracking requests


• Business Partners: 786
• Departments: 397
• Offices: 28196
• Government Officials : 457914


There are two types of Stakeholders in ebusiness Portal
• Business Partners
• Government Departments
Different levels of users can be created under these stakeholders.

Technology & Infra

e-Business portal is developed using following stack.
 Front End – Angular
 Backend – ASP.net MVC and Web API 2.0
 Database - SQL Server 2016


FY 2021-22



Point of Contact

Rajesh Saini, General Manager (Technical)



Helpline No.