Project Description

“Webmyway” is a tool for designing and developingweb portals for departments /districts of Govt. of Rajasthan. It is an advanced tool with all the Salient Features:
• Quick and Fast Development.
• No additional cost of development.
• Time saving in development and requirement gathering.
• Consistency in Govt. websites.
• Interactive systems and deriving consolidated results.
• Ease of data analysis for decision-making.
Thus, it aids in to display of data on multiple platforms with one single updation.

Approach and Objective

In WebMyWay tool, a single transaction input was made by multiple sources and multiple websites are generated using dynamic templates. These websites are highly configurable. Data on single platform makes it best for analysis and decision making.
In WebMyWay tool, dynamic forms option is used for runtime development of application forms, scheme/services/ campaign feedback forms, registration forms etc. Centralized Online Competitions, Online Poll and News Letter

In Rajasthan there are more than 65 Administrative Departments and more than 200 Departments and after including the Board, Corporations, Agency, Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika, Nagar Parishad, ZilaParishad, University, Colleges etc. the count increases to 900+.
All have their website developed and maintained by different agencies which are developed in many tools like AEM Product, Word Press, ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA etc.
These websites do not talk to each other which result in inconsistency of data and even citizen have to visit multiple websites for searching any information.
To overcome the challenges of websites and integrated portals for the common Web applications, DoIT&C, GoR has developed "WebMyWay" Tool.


WebMyWay tool is being used to generate bilingual websites in five categories:
1. Districts Websites
2. Departmental Web sites
3. Sectoral Websites
4. Public Welfare Schemes Portal (Individual)
5. Schemes Portal (Integrated)
6. Service Portal (Integrated)
7. Jankalyan Portal


• Departments, Districts and Govt. institutions
• Citizens of Rajasthan

Technology & Infra

 Front End – Angular 8.
 Backend – ASP.net MVC and Web API 2.0
 Database - SQL Server 2016
 File Server – MVC 4.0


FY 2022-23



Point of Contact

Rajesh Saini, General Manager (Technical)



Helpline No.