LSG Online Services

Project Description

LSG online services project has been developed to make below services online of LSG department. These all services have been developed in house by RajCAD team.
1) Trade license
2) Auto renew trade license
3) Fire NoC
4) Mutation/name transfer
5) Sub division/ re constitution
6) Signage license
7) Sewer connection
8) Property id generation
9) Lease amount deposit
10) Property/UD tax deposit

Approach and Objective

1) To automate the process of RGDPS related services so that citizens can avail the ULBs related services easily.
2) To fulfill compliances of DRAP and BRAP issued by DIPP, government of India.
3) Implementation of urban local body reform and improving rank in ease of doing business.
4) To make smooth governance for LSG department, 216 local bodies are using these online service and citizens are getting benefitted.
5) Improving and tracking income of local bodies by enhancing the headcount of applied and approved applications.
6) To provide end to end online solution from application submission till e sign certificate generation in COVID pandemic time so that citizens can avail the services without any manual intervention.
7) To eliminate of the requirements of renewal of registration trade licenses obtained by businesses under various acts and make it auto renew.


1) For fire NoC/renewal total 2380 applications have been received in 1 year and 1069 have issued permission.
2) For trade license/renewal total 2731 applications are received in 1 year and 988 have issued license.
3) Mutation/name transfer total 14465 applications are received in 1 year and 7034 have issued mutation letter.
4) Total 30 crores revenue has been received by local bodies from these online services in 1 year.


1. Government of Rajasthan
2. DIPP, government of India
3. RajCAD officers / officials/DOIT&C
4. LSG department (216 ULBs)
5. Citizens of Rajasthan

Technology & Infra

Development: Microsoft DotNet
Jquery (js), bootsteap(html, css)
Database: MS SQL
Reporting: Tablue


1) Enhancements to incorporate customizing DOIT&C projects and interface with other departments of GoR.
2) Develop a unified portal for all urban services of UDH & LSG, which will bring all the online applications under single umbrella.


FY 2021-22

Impact Zone

State of Rajasthan



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