RajCAD Management Portal

Project Description

Inline with the Mission of RajCAD (Rajasthan Centre For Application Development), a fully automated management & monitoring portal has been developed in-house by self – trained Team PHP & Tableau under the supervision of Technical Head (PHP & Tableau).

RajCAD Management system is an end to end system incorporating all the routine workflows and processes of Centre of Application Development system for all main entities : Resource, Domain and Project right from Domain management, Resource selection, skills identification, mapping to domains, training needs assessment, capacity building of resources, scheduling of projects to ready teams, task delegation and monitoring, performance monitoring, software catalog creation, Communications Management, E-Newsletter generation, Grievance Redressal System and Analytic dashboards regarding status and performance of all the entities.

Approach and Objective

RajCAD Management System is an End-to-End Automation System incorporating all the routine workflows & processes of RajCAD for all main entities like Resource, Domain & Project. Core Features of this complete automated system are :
i. Domain Creation and Management System
ii. Skills/Resource identification and mapping to domains
iii. Resource Management/Resource Performance
iv. Training Needs assessment /Capacity building management
v. Project Identification and Management
vi. E-newsletter generation
vii. Templates Creation and documents generation
viii. Meeting Management
ix. Task Delegation and Monitoring
x. RajCAD Software Catalog Building
xi. Grievance Redressal System.
xii. Status and performance dashboards for all entities .


 RajCAD Management System has an enhanced Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics section showcased through Dashboards.
 User friendly initiatives in place like E-newsletter generation , sms and Email notifications, User Manual and Demo PPT
 Being developed inhouse , in a short span of time , resulted in huge savings in terms of efforts, time and cost .


 Department of IT&C
 Pr. Secretary, IT&C
 Commissioner, IT&C
 RajCAD officers / officials
• Chief Executive Officer, RajCAD
• Technology Heads of RajCAD
• Resources of RajCAD

 Officers / Officials posted in DoIT&C HO, Div. / Dist/ Block/ PS offices, other govt offices

 Other User Departments/ Agencies

Technology & Infra

a. Front End
i. Application development: PHP version 7.4.11
ii. Design: Laravel Framework , HTML,CSS, with Jquery
b. Dashboard: Tableau
c. Backend: Database RDBMS: MySql


Enhancements to incorporate customizing DoIT&C Projects and interface with other departments of GoR


FY 2020-21

Impact Zone



Planning for next phase


In house development by RajCAD team

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