Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Yojana

Project Description

Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Yojana has been started to capture the socio-economics, demographics data of residents so that a single repository of citizen data will be created as a “Single source of Truth” i.e. Jan Aadhaar Resident Data Repository (JRDR).
Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Yojana is unique platform for direct delivery of cash and non-cash government benefits to the rightful beneficiaries of government schemes without any delay or leakages. Jan-Aadhaar Yojana also unifies the entire service delivery ecosystem of the state with “One Number, One Card, One Identity” philosophy by reducing multiple channels of government to reach to the residents to only one.

Approach and Objective

• Initially, Enrolment are done in Camp mode. Later on, enrolment facility has been provided on eMitra Kiosk as well as Jan Aadhaar Portal.
• Editing/Updation: Any resident of the state can update/edit through Jan Aadhaar Portal or can visit nearest eMitra Kiosk.
• Auto enrolment/deletion using Pehchan.
• Integrated with References Database i.e. Pension, Ration, Chiranjeevi etc.
• Development and maintenance of Unified Jan Aadhaar Resident Data Repository (JRDR).
• Direct Benefit Transfer of Cash and Non-cash benefits using JRDR through Aadhaar/Jan-Aadhaar authentication.
• Ensuring Empowerment of Women by making female as Head of family.
• Jan Aadhaar as Proof of Address and Proof of Identity.
• Removal of documents for verified data.
• As verified data is available in Jan Aadhaar, Provision for Auto approval based on Jan Aadhaar data.


• Enrolment as on 27.12.2021
o Families: 1,87,86,887
o Members: 7,15,26,659
• Direct Benefit Transfer as on 27.12.2021
o No. of Schemes integrated with Jan Aadhaar : 85
o No. of Services integrated with Jan Aadhaar : 29
• Metadata based verification and Provision for Auto/Deemed Approval
o No. of Schemes where documents has been removed/reduced: 104
o No. of Schemes where Auto Approval has been implemented: 6


• Departments
• Citizens of Rajasthan

Technology & Infra

• Application Frontend: Java 1.8, HTML, CSS
• Middleware: IBM PureApp/Oracle Weblogic
• Backend Database: Oracle ExaData
• De-duplication: IBM MDM/ SAS Dataflux
• Content/Document Management: IBM FileNet
• IBM Enterprise Service Bus (SewaDwar)


FY 2021-22

Impact Zone

State of Rajasthan


Under Implementation

Point of Contact

Anil Singh, Group General Manager (Technical)



Helpline No.