Litigation Information Tracking and Evaluation System(LITES)

Project Description

Litigation Information Tracking and Evaluation System has been implemented for Justice department to improve the management of litigation, streamlining the formats and procedures in the latest technology. To supervise litigation of all the departments of Government of Rajasthan pending before different courts in which State Government is a party and to improve the efficiency, transparency and accountability for expeditious disposal of the pending litigation cases of the State.

Approach and Objective

• End-to-end litigation tracking system monitoring all the ongoing pending court
cases in which state Government is a party.
• Assist the Administrative Departments in the State to handle litigation effectively
and economically and to streamline systems and procedures to maximize
• To assess performance of AAGs/GAs/OICs
• To reduce unnecessary litigation and multiplicity of litigation, curbing litigation
• Manage case submissions and maintain a comprehensive case history.
• Generate Management Information System (MIS) reports and analytical insights
at all levels.
• Establish a centralized repository of transactional data for reporting and decision-
making purposes.


• Automation of all processes from case registration, history to case decision, Pre-
Litigation, Litigation and Post Litigation processes
• Till now approx. 5, 60,498 cases are registered and about 2,14,554 cases are
pending in Courts. 305 units/HODs under 53 Administrative Departments and
7554 offices under this application. Approx. 60,67,592 transactions till now.
• Transactional application automating all processes from the inception till
judgement, Factual report and Reply Filing Process, tracking the time delay at
each stage, the appointment of OICs, Lawyers, Payment, case proceedings, Case
history, Case grouping, Performance analysis etc.
• Post Litigation process: Judgement, Appeal, implementation of judgement etc.
• The portal helps to monitor the daily case progress, due to which compliance with
court decisions has increased a lot. The turnaround time of case monitoring and
compliance has decreased due to effective monitoring via mail & SMS.
• Well-curated dashboards for monitoring at all levels and defined escalation
• Integration with SMS gateway for tracking case status, hearing, contempt, etc.
• Integrated High Court case service & e-court Service
• Integration with Case Number Records (CNR) with Rajasthan High Court


• All Departments of the state
• Top management of Departments
• Lawyers/AG/AAG

Technology & Infra

• The application is hosted in BSDC


Realtime integration with all the different courts and Up-gradation of Application as per needs, reduce the pendency, increase the performance of lawyer/OIC and ensure the proper monitoring of cases.


FY 2015-16

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