RajKisan Saathi- Single Window Integrated Platform for Farmers

Project Description

RajkisanSaathi is a State of art digital platform to realize Ease of Doing Farming (EoDF) by delivering end-to-end services for farmers and the agri-business community which caters the various needs including subsidies, licenses, and information. Within the project various online services related to G2C, G2B & G2G have been developed. Rajkisan Saathi Project is based on pillars of e-Governance Roadmap of Rajasthan & Modern Governance like Transparency, Citizen centric, Social Inclusion and Ease of Service Delivery.

Approach and Objective

• Simplify application processes and procedures through Business Process Re-engineering for DBT and individual beneficiary schemes in the agriculture sector.
• Implement paperless end-to-end IT enablement for subsidies like farm pond, pipeline, etc., and enable online DBT payments to farmers.
• Utilize Jan-Aadhaar as a single identity for farmers, fetching applicant details from the database, including bank account information and photograph.
• Ensure applicant authentication through Aadhaar-based OTP mechanism.
• Develop 11 mobile apps to deliver various agricultural services in both offline and online modes. Geo-tag and time-stamp all physical verifications via mobile apps, ensuring transparency.
• Create buyer-seller mobile apps for organic produce and date palm saplings.
• Implement barcoded, geo-tagged sampling process via RajAgriQC mobile app for online quality control of seed, fertilizer, and pesticides.
• Automate registration/renewal of processing plants and end-to-end IT enablement for capital investment subsidy and freight subsidies.


• Farmers (72Lakh farmers on-boarded and INR 2000 crores+ Financial Sanction generated)
• Licenses and certificates issued for Manufacturers/dealers of Drip/Mini/Micro-sprinkler/Pipeline/Plastic Lining/Seeds/Fertilizers/Pesticides (1.12 Lakh issued)
• Officials responsible for QC of Seed, Fertilizer and Pesticides through RajAgriQC mobile app (77,000+ samples drawn)
• Scholarships to Agriculture Girl students (46000+ Girls benefited,INR 72 Crores DBT)
• Officials of Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Raj. State seed corporation RSSOCA and Agriculture Marketing (10,000+ employees on boarded)
• Buyers & sellers of Organic produce and Date Palm (2500+ on-boarded)
• Manufacturing units (1700+ applications received for capital investment subsidies)


• Farmers, Agriculture & allied departments, Agri-Business community

Technology & Infra

• Standard SDC Infrastructure
• .Net Framework
• SAS, Tableau


• Revamping of Rajkisan Portal: Improved mobility features, ensuring accessibility from various devices such as smartphones and tablets.Implement advanced analytics capabilities to provide valuable insights into agricultural data, helping farmers make informed decisions.
• Expansion of G2C Services:Introduce additional Government-to-Citizen (G2C) services on the Rajkisan Portal to broaden the range of services available to farmers.This may include services related to subsidies, market information, weather forecasts, agricultural extension, and financial assistance.
• AI/ML-based Crop Pest Management: To assist farmers in identifying and managing crop pests effectively.Utilize machine learning algorithms to analyse pest-related data, predict pest outbreaks, recommend preventive measures, and optimize pest control strategies.
• Integrated Farmer Support System (IFSS): Using emerging technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and cloud computing, IFSS aims to provide farmers with a comprehensive platform for accessing agricultural resources, services, and information seamlessly.This system may include features such as farm management tools, weather forecasting, market linkage, e-commerce platforms, and advisory services tailored to individual farmer needs.


FY 2019-20

Impact Zone

State of Rajasthan


Under Implementation


• e-Governance Rajasthan Award for the year 2020-2021


• Wipro • Aurionpro Solutions Ltd., • Dev Information Technology Ltd.

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