Project Description

E-library has enabled automation of the library functionalities such as on Acquisition, Cataloguing maintaining and providing access to catalogue items in the collection, managing the circulation of items, controlling the serial publications and in house facilities.

Approach and Objective

• The application has been developed with the inputs from College and University librarians to make it more relevant and useful and in consonance with standard Library management softwares.
• Automation of all library operations, like – book procurement, book issue, deposit, acquisition, fines, cataloguing using bar codes, stock verification have been automated.
• Creation of a single ID card and Library card for all students and users.
• Facilitated inter library search and availability of reference books
• A structured database of books, students, teachers is maintained to ensure speedy availability of books.


• The application has empowered the librarians and also have aided in the colleges where librarians have not been posted.
• User-friendly dashboard has been a very productive tool for the librarians to manage daily operations with limited resources.
• Have implemented in 33 Government College libraries, 5 Government departments (Raj Bhawan, Rajasthan Language Literature & Cultural Academy, Bikaner, Sangeet Sansthan, TRI and Forest) etc.
• Around 20 lacs books’ data entry has been completed.
• Around 2,66,000 Members’ data updated in application
• DCE requested for Library computerization in their 40 more colleges and transferred Rs. 60 Lacs and Rs.1.80 Cr to RISL for data entry of books and procurement of hardware.


College Education Department, Government Colleges, Departments like RajBhawan, Raj. Language, Literature & cultural Academy, Bikaner, Sangeet Sansthan Jaipur, TRI, Forest Department, Secretariat Library etc.

Technology & Infra

Backend: SQL
Frontend: ASP.NET


• Implementation across the state in all academic institutions
• Upgradation for compatibility of International standards of library management.
• Uploading eBook facility to students/members for reading the books online
• Online request for reservation of books


FY 2022-23

Impact Zone

Libraries of Government Colleges & Departments


Planning for next phase




M/s E-Connect Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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