Project Description

The UIDAI functions as a regulatory authority managing a Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR), that issues UIDs, update resident information, and authenticate the identity of residents as required. In addition, the UIDAI partners with agencies such as Central Ministries and Departments, State governments and other governmental agencies such as Banks, Insurance Companies etc. who function as ‘Registrars’ for the UIDAI. Registrars process UID applications, and connect to the CIDR to de-duplicate resident information and receive UID numbers. DoIT&C is a Registrar of UIDAI. The Authority also partners with service providers for authentication and electronic ‘Know Your Customer’ (e KYC) services. DoIT&C is a ASA & AUA of UIDAI.

Approach and Objective

Enrolments under the Aadhaar project are carried out by DoIT&C as Registrar. DoIT&C has deployed RISL as its Enrolment Agency, to set up Enrolment Centers across the State and to onboard Aadhaar operators and to provide enrolment kits to them. The State has Integrated Aadhaar numbers of beneficiaries with various service delivery applications. DoIT&C as an ASA & AUA provides authentication services to Government departments.


As on 30 Nov 2021, overall 92% population of the State has been issued Aadhar numbers. There are more than 5000 Aadhar centers of multiple Registrars working in the State to cover left out population. DoIT&C is the biggest Registrar in the State with more than 2500 active operators working each day to provide enrolment and updating facilities to the residents of the State.
On an average 12 to 15 lakh authentications are done each day through DoIT&C as ASA.


All the Residents of Rajasthan.

Technology & Infra

UIDAI provides technical support to the Registrars for carrying out enrolment and updating activities. ECMP (Enrolment Client Multiple Platform) application is used at permanent centers and CELC (Child Enrolment lite Client) application is used in tablets. Biometric finger scanners and Iris scanners are used at enrolment centers as per UIDAI guidelines. A dedicated lease line connecting DoIT&C to Hebbal and Manesar data center of UIDAI provides authentication services.


FY 2010-11


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