Aadhaar Authentication Ecosystem and Aadhaar Data Vault

Project Description

DoIT&C is registered as Authentication Service Agency (ASA) & Authentication User Agency (AUA) under UIDAI to provide Aadhaar authentication services. The Aadhaar Authentication Ecosystem project provides authentication services to various State Departments in order to enable these departments to provide secured Aadhaar based service delivery. The UID Cell is dealing with various projects on implementation of security measures, development of various Aadhaar based service delivery applications and constant implementation of guidelines and compliance matters issued by UIDAI. In compliance of UIDAI guidelines, DoIT&C has also developed Aadhaar Data Vault where Aadhaar number and related data is stored encrypted in a secure manner.

Approach and Objective

Aadhaar “authentication” means the process where in Aadhaar Number or Virtual ID or UID Token, along with other attributes, including biometrics, are submitted to the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) for its verification on the basis of information or data or documents available with it. UIDAI provides an online service to support this process. For this UID cell is maintaining dedicated lease line from DoIT&C State Data centre to CIDR, UIDAI. UID Cell provides dedicated support to all the service providers in term of integration of application with Aadhaar based authentication system by integration authentication devices in service delivery applications.


Many state departments are using Aadhaar based Authentication for delivering benefits of various citizen beneficiary schemes of state government. Around 15 Lakh Aadhaar authentication transaction are being performed daily through Aadhaar Authentication Ecosystem of DoIT&C.


Major users of the Aadhaar Authentication Ecosystem include ePDS Project, Jan-Aadhaar, Emitra, Social Justice Department, Economics and Statstics department, Medical and Health Department, State Crime Record Bureau, Settlement Department of Govt of Rajasthan

Technology & Infra

In Premise deployment on State Data Center.
Development using Java, Spring, Hibernate.
Oracle Database.
Use of Hardware Load Balancers.
Use of HSM and DSM devices for encryption and decryption.


Onboarding more departments.
Upgradation of system as per UIDAI guidelines and Standards.


FY 2014-15

Impact Zone

Residents of Rajasthan




SKOCH Order-of-Merit Award- 2022


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