Jansoochna Portal 2019

Project Description

The Jan Soochna Portal draws on digitized information available with the line departments and makes the same available in a citizen friendly and usable format.It is the first initiative of its kind anywhere in the country.
It implements Section 4 (2) of the Right to Information Act , 2005: “It shall be a constant endeavour of every public authority to take steps in accordance with the requirements of clause (b) of sub-section (1) to provide as much information suomotu to the public at regular intervals through various means of communications, including internet, so that the public have minimum resort to the use of this Act to obtain information”.

Approach and Objective

The objectives and approach to achieve these is as follow for Jansoochna Portal :
• Ensure availability of information in user friendly and usable format
• Provide real time information through departmental portal using APIs
• Information in the portal is arranged according to geography so that ordinary citizens residing in a particular Panchayat or Municipal Ward can access information about themselves and public institutions in their geographical area.
• Multiple mode of information web, mobile app, eMitra plus Machines.


• 117 Departments, 339 Schemes and 724 information of Schemes on boarded
• More than 16 Crore visitors access and download information of schemes


• Citizen of Rajasthan
• Government Departments

Technology & Infra

Jansoochna project is developed by using Microsoft technology and MS SQL server database.

Front end = Html5, Css, Bootstrap, jQuery.
Backend= MVC5, WebApi.
Database= Ms SQL server


• On boarding all information related to all schemes of Rajasthan
• Scheme Eligibility for all scheme of Government of Rajasthan
• Penetration of All government schemes up to Gram Panchyat Level using Janaadhaar


FY 2019-20

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SKOTCH Award Semi Finalist 2020


Technology PartnerM/S Rysun Labs Pvt. Ltd.(Previously Known As Krish Compusoft Pvt. Ltd.)

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