RajBioscope – State’s Media Portal

Project Description

An in-house initiative for creating a state-wide online digital repository of videos, information guides and tutorials, documents etc. pertaining to state government events, schemes, initiatives and online systems.
The project was commissioned with the idea of spreading awareness about state government schemes, usage of government systems and improving government-citizen engagement.
It serves as a central digital repository of all multimedia content wherein apart from government departments, residents of the state can also contribute (moderated) useful multimedia content for the benefit of all.

Approach and Objective

a) To establish a state-wide digital repository of multimedia content and information guides.
b) To spread awareness about government schemes and initiatives across the globe.
c) To improve government-citizen engagement.
d) To collect feedback & ratings from residents of state about government schemes and systems.


a) 7389 government events accessible online (as of 20/05/2024).
b) 236 Scheme related videos.
c) 170 Information Guides/ Tutorials about various government systems.
d) 363 other useful videos contributed by residents.
e) 129 COVID19 pandemic-related advisories.
f) 92 Lakh+ views


Key end-users of the system are all the departments of state government and residents of state.

Technology & Infra

a) Platform independent i.e., Cross-platform enabled
b) Built on open standards
c) BI/ Analytical Dashboard and Reports
d) Hosted in state-of-the-art Tier-IV Rajasthan State Data Center (RSDC), Jaipur


Integrating Education department’s LMS for providing educational content to all.


FY 2016-17

Impact Zone





Valued by residents of state.


In-house implementation of DoIT&C, GoR.

Point of Contact




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