Unified Scholarship Portal (USP)

Project Description

An in-house initiative for various departments of state government dealing with Scholarship schemes for the socio-economic development of meritorious and other eligible students of state.
The project was commissioned for facilitating all the state specific scholarship schemes under one roof and electronic disbursement of benefits to students using Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
It serves as a single point of contact for eligible students wherein they can submit online their scholarship applications, online application disposal by respective departments and finally timely disbursement of scholarship to the qualified students using DBT mechanism.

Approach and Objective

a) To establish a single and nation-wide Scholarship portal for students.
b) To provide a central and one-time registration facility to all the Academic Institutions across the nation.
b) To ensure timely disposal of Scholarship benefits using DBT without any physical touchpoint.
c) De-duplication of benefits in multiple schemes and departments.


a) Providing 3 department’s (TAD, Minority, College Education) 26 G2C Scholarship Schemes at one place.
b) 9,03,519 applications received online (as on 26/12/2021).
c) 5,29,701 applications disposed and DBT done.
d) Integrated with National Scholarship Portal (NSP) of Govt. of India.


Key end-users of the system are state government Departments dealing with the Scholarship Schemes and Students across the nation.

Technology & Infra

a) Platform independent i.e., Cross platform enabled
b) Built on open standards
c) BI/ Analytical Dashboard and Reports (state-wide and department specific)
d) Hosted in state-of-the-art Tier-IV Rajasthan State Data Center (RSDC), Jaipur and DR Site, Jodhpur


Onboarding other Scholarship Schemes of state government.


FY 2016-17

Impact Zone





Valued by MoSJE, GoI and Academic Institutions across the nation.


In-house implementation of DoIT&C, GoR.

Point of Contact




Helpline No.