News Media Management & Sentiment Analysis

Project Description

It is a unique and first-of-its-kind in-house initiative in eGov domain which facilitates all the Public Relationship Officers (PROs) and Assistant PROs of DIPR + other government departments across the state in electronic capturing of state-specific print news media i.e., local, state-wide and national dailies (newspapers) using an easy to use bi-lingual web application and mobile app.

PROs/ APROs across the state, along with electronic capturing of relevant print news, specify essential metadata about the news which is used later for sentiment analysis and department/ district ranking.

For any -ve News published, the CMO/ CS Office, Divisional Commissioner can seek online clarification/ report from the respective Department or District Collector and then publish the response in the public domain as action taken by the government against that -ve News for improved transparency.

Approach and Objective

a) 100% elimination of tedious and time-consuming manual efforts in cutting/ pasting the news clips by PROs/ APROs and thereafter preparing a Daily Summary report.
b) To create an Online + Searchable digital repository of Print News Media.
c) Automatic generation of “Daily Summary Report” by system for CM Office, CS Office, Department HODs, Divisional Commissioner and District Collectors.
d) To have an Online mechanism for seeking clarification and response from any department/ district with respect to -ve news published in the media.
e) To have a Strong Analytical BI Dashboard for News and Sentiment Analysis including automated Department/ District Ranking.


a) 100% Paperless system i.e., No manual cutting and pasting of News Clips, No letters written anymore by CM/ CS Office/ Divisional Commissioner for seeking clarifications from respective departments).
b) News Sentiment Analysis (Analytical BI Dashboard) aids in decision-making as to which department/ district to focus on by the Government.
c) Improved Transparency by publishing the action taken report against a -ve news in the public domain including print media publishers.
d) Auto-generation of “Daily News Summary Report” for all stakeholders.
e) Auto-generation of Department and District Ranking based on overall news sentiment analysis score.
f) Anywhere and anytime access to current and historical print news media.
g) Digital repository of print news media.
h) 2,04,436 news items published and processed (as of 20/05/2024).
i) 111 PROs/ APROs contributing to the print news media and moderating them on a daily basis.
j) 1684 action-taken reports published in the public domain.


Key end-users of the system are CM Office, CS Office, Divisional Commissioner, District Collector, Department HODs, PROs/ APROs, Print Media House/ Publisher, Citizens

Technology & Infra

a) Platform independent i.e. Cross platform enabled
b) Built on open standards
c) Uses Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology to capture real-time news from Internet on 24x7 basis
d) Integrated AI engine identifies and tags the news to the respective department/ district.
e) BI/ Analytical Dashboard and Reports
e) Hosted in state-of-the-art Tier-IV Rajasthan State Data Center (RSDC), Jaipur


Onboarding Electronic Motion Media/ News Channels.


FY 2019-20

Impact Zone





Valued by MeITY (GoI), NeGD and other State governments.


In-house implementation of DoIT&C, GoR.

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