Rajasthan Single Sign On (RajSSO)

Project Description

RajSSO is a unique and first-of-its-kind in-house initiative in the eGov domain which provides centralised access to all state government applications/ systems using a “Digital identity” and is based on the principle of “One Digital Identity for all government applications/ systems” eliminating repetitive user registrations with all government applications.

Digital Identity includes: - a) SSOID and Password, b) Govt. Email A/c (yourname@rajasthan.in), c) eVault (digital locker) and d) eSign facility for every end-user.

Approach and Objective

a) To provide centralised, seamless and secure access to all government applications/ systems.
b) To provide a unique and self-service-based “Digital Identity” to all end-users
c) To provide a single URL for accessing all government applications/systems.


a) 2.96 Crore+ Digital Identities provisioned (as on 20/05/2024)
b) 300 G2G Applications accessible
c) 192 G2C/ G2B/ G2E Applications accessible
d) 180 Crore+ hits


Govt. employees, Residents (Local, National and International), CSC/ eMitra Kiosks, Commercial establishments, Banks etc.)

Technology & Infra

a) Platform independent i.e. Cross platform enabled
b) Built on open standards
c) Customisable Identity & Access Management (IDAM) system
d) Supports new and legacy application development frameworks, REST APIs for application onboarding
e) Hosted in state-of-the-art Tier-IV Rajasthan State Data Center (RSDC), Jaipur and DR Site, Jodhpur
f) Third-party integrations (UIDAI, UAN, MSDG, Google, Janaadhaar, RajMail, Raj eSign, Raj eVault etc.)


Onboarding Central government applications.


FY 2015-16

Impact Zone

National/ International




a) Winner of the SKOCH eGov Award (Twice)
b) Appreciated by MeITY, GoI, C-DAC, NIC and other State governments.


In-house implementation of DoIT&C, GoR.

Point of Contact




Helpline No.