Rajasthan e-Archival Management System (ReAMS)

Project Description

ReAMS is a document archival web application to host digitized documents and facilitate online publication of Extra Ordinary Gazette of State Govt. Departments.

Approach and Objective

• ReAMS is a digital collection of records of State departments of Rajasthan.
• The State Departments can scan and upload their documents through ReAMS portal.
• ReAMS exhibits different document types like Act, Rules, Regulations, Circular, Notifications and Ordinance, Photographs, Land Registry, House Tax Record, Temple Profile File, Trust Deed, Inventory Register, Property Register, etc.
• It aims to provide a common IT platform for citizens to access and view the different documents of State Departments.
• Gazette notification are published online by Printing & Stationery Department using ReAMS portal.


• ReAMS has been implemented in 9 Departments.
• More than 19 lakhs of documents have been uploaded in the ReAMS.
• E-gazette module has been made live from 1st April 2019 and till date 3612 e-gazette notification are published by Printing & Stationery Department for more than 160 Departments.


• Departments of Govt. of Rajasthan and Autonomous Bodies
• Citizen

Technology & Infra

• ASP.Net (MVC) Technology
• Newgen DMS


• Development of Ordinary Gazette Publication Functionality on ReAMS Portal.
• Archival of other Govt. Department’s Documents which are planning to digitize their records.


FY 2017-18

Impact Zone

State of Rajasthan



Point of Contact

Rajesh Gupta, AD

  +91- 941338731


Helpline No.