Rajasthan Sampark Helpline

Project Description

An integrated grievance redressal platforms for both the citizens and departmental users. This platform provides multiple mode of grievance registration, uniform workflow ensuring quality disposal, Analytical Dashboards and comprehensive reports for proper monitoring and tracking of the performances of districts and departments

Approach and Objective

The objective of the Rajasthan Sampark Helpline project is to:
• Provide an integrated Grievance Redressal Platform
• Enhance the ease of accessibility through multiple mode of grievance registration and tracking channels
• Provide an uniform and efficient work flow with service levels for each subject of grievances
• Ensure quality disposal through verification and feedback from complainant
• Provide advanced tools and techniques for monitoring performance of district and departments


• Integrated portal with uniform workflow
• Reduction in Avg. Disposal Time
• Inclusion of more than 200 active departments/ govt. agencies
• Effective monitoring of performance through dashboards


• Citizens
• All Government Departments and Government Agencies

Technology & Infra

In premise deployment in RSDC, ASP .NET, Oracle 12C, SAS and Tableaue, Mobile App - Android and iOS


• Technology Upgrade
• Process reengineering to customize process as per the departments
• Enhancement of KPIs for performance monitoring of various departments


FY 2017-18

Impact Zone

Across the state of Rajasthan




SKOCH Award of MERIT and Platinum 2018-19


Implementation Partner - Dr. ITM Consulting Partner - Wipro Ltd.

Point of Contact

G. K. Sharma, General Manager (Technical)



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