e-Sanchar 3.0

Project Description

The project e-Sanchar is aimed to provide a centralized communication platform for all e-Governance applications with a number of communication channels and modes to communicate and interact with the citizens. It provides a number of API interfaces to integrate with it. PUSH SMS, PULL SMS, Outbound Voice Calling and Outbound IVRS services are covered under the service umbrella of the project.

Approach and Objective

The objective of the e-Sanchar platform is to provide a centralized platform for e-Governance applications and services to send intimations to citizens and interact with them using:
1. PUSH SMS: allows the applications to send SMSs to the citizens and service consumers. It provides the APIs for integration to the applications to consume the service.
2. PULL SMS: allows to receive an SMS from the citizens and submits it to the respective application for further action/process.
3. Outbound Voice Call: Allows to send a voice call message to the citizen with both the Text to Speech from a text message and recorded voice file.
4. Outbound IVRS System: Allows to define a hierarchical questionnaire based survey and schedule the survey calls to a number of contacts. This hierarchical questionnaire is then executed on a telephonic call and the answer of the questions are captured by pressing corresponding digit key on phone keypad by the citizen. After gathering the inputs from citizens, it provides the feedback report in various formats.


• A centralized platform for SMS and Voice messaging
• An easy to integrate set of APIs for all types of applications


• Various departments and employees
• Citizens

Technology & Infra

• In premise deployment on State Data Centre
• Cisco voice gateways


• Inclusion of WhatsApp as a messaging channel


FY 2017-18

Impact Zone

State of Rajasthan




• OneXTel Media Pvt. Ltd. • AurionPro Solutions Ltd.

Point of Contact




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