Online Effluent Monitoring System (EMS)

Project Description

EMS project enables real-time monitoring at various stages of effluent generation from industries to final disposal. In it, various sensors will be integrated at different industries to maintain standards for effluent discharge as per CPCB guidelines. Under this project, the established Command and Control Center (C&CC) would act as a hub for the analysis and dissemination of information collected from various sources including government agencies, industries as well as specialized equipment such as sensors, meters, and cameras.
Effluent Monitoring System would involve the installation of highly sensitive sensors for monitoring effluents like Ph., BOD, COD, TSS etc., meters and CCTV camera’s. The CCC would be equipped with huge video walls and workstations and connected with Rajasthan State Data Center/BSDC.

Approach and Objective

• To provide data to Central Pollution Control Board when required• To ensure that sewage and industrial effluents are treated before discharge into rivers/ground.
• To receive real-time data from CETPs at Command and Control Center.
• Centralized online Monitoring of CETPs to analyses the performance of the industries on the basis of captured data.
• To take action against industries on violation of pollution norms.
• To provide data to Central Pollution Control Board when required.


• Real-time water quality monitoring is ensured.
• Real-time data from CETPs at Command and Control Centre (C&CC) has been received.
• Centralized online Monitoring of CETPs has been started.
• Biomonitoring will be conducted at select stretches for the purpose of ‘calibration’ with physico- chemical -based WQM. So far, the water quality monitoring networks depict the Physico-chemical, bacteriological characteristics of the water. However, the impact of this pollution on the aquatic ecosystem is not well addressed. Biomonitoring will also help to compare with conventional physico-chemical-bacteriological measurements as well as help in the development of a monitoring protocol.
• Community supported water quality monitoring to support awareness-raising on water quality issues with various groups (e.g. schools/universities/NGOs). These initiatives would need to be supported with appropriate testing kits and training.



Technology & Infra

• BOD/COD /TOC/TSS Sensors
• Nitrate (NO3-N) and Ammonical Nitrogen (NH4-N) Sensor
• Ph and Temperature Sensor
• Online Arsenic/ Chromium/ Cyanide Analyzer
• Multi-Parameter Smart Controller (up to 4 sensors)


The key components of the project along with the status is as below:
• Establishment of Command-and-Control Center has been completed.
• Installation of Sensors for detection of the presence of effluent in wastewater of Industries have been installed. The data is being received centrally in servers installed in State Data Center but no analytical/MIS reports are available yet.
• SLA is not provided by the System integrator along with Manpower (SCADA software/Analytics software expert and Network cum system administrator –L2) availability service levels as per the minimum Manpower resource table.
• FMS services like Asset Management Services, Preventive Maintenance Services, Corrective Maintenance Services, Configuration and reconfiguration/rollback of equipment’s/network/services, Vendor Management services, Network Management Services, Desktop Management support, Virus Management services, Help Desk support, Management of electrical systems, Air conditioning, safety & security systems and passive networking systems are still not provided which are required for O&M reports during OPEX.
• SMS notification for COD, TSS, PH & BoD is being generated and sent to the concerned officials.
• Installation of cameras for surveillance of the Effluent treatment plant has been completed.


FY 2018-19

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