Water Revenue Management System(RajNEER)

Project Description

The project aims at improving the internal efficiency of the PHED Department & its revenue management processes to make effective use of IT in various activities namely Metering, Billing, Collection, and other Citizen services. It is envisaged to automate the entire system and implement an IT solution along with Analytical tools and Development of Web Portal (Internal and External interface) & Mobile apps.
Water production-cost and corresponding revenue realization of the State is in 100s of Crores. Therefore, it is vital to have a system in place that assures accurate & uniform billing across the State as well as assures complete audibility in its processes and implementation.

Approach and Objective

The objectives and sub-objectives of the project are as mentioned below:
a) To provide convenience and benefit to the common man
b) Improve grievance redressal and citizen relationship
c) To Provide hassle-free service delivery to citizens
d) Improve transparency & accountability of the department
e) Facilitate effective monitoring of resources
f) Improve availability of reports on Audit and compliance
g) Improve convenience to employees
h) Improve availability of accounting and auditing resources
i) Ease in monitoring with the help of MIS reports


Domestic New Water Connection Service is functional in all Division and Sub Division offices of Jaipur City and as a result, PHED getting and benefiting huge amount of revenue from it.
The proposed solution will benefit the citizens, departments and the employees alike.
a) Online information about the status of applications and their progress (will facilitate monitoring & service function)
b) Closer interaction between PHED and the citizens
c) Easy monitoring of resources
d) Effective grievance redressal
e) Integrated, centralized unified database
f) Integrated software applications for PHED
g) Improved information sharing and harmonization of processes
h) Improvement in transaction efficiency
i) Reduction in work duplication
j) Instantaneous MIS report generation capabilities
k) Integrated Business Intelligence dashboards for the senior management team
l) Efficient & transparent service delivery mechanism through Web – Portal, Mobile –App, Rajasthan Payment Platform (RPP) and SMS


a) PHED, Government of Rajasthan
b) Billing agencies
c) Citizens
d) Contractors

Technology & Infra

• .Net
• Oracle


Following are the module of the project:
(i) Billing & Tariff
(ii) Citizen Interface
(iii) Accounting
(iv) PHED portal and Integration with Plug-ins along with the mobile app


FY 2017-18

Impact Zone

PAN state


Under Implementation




M/s 3i Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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