Centralized Water Information Management System(Water SCADA)

Project Description

The Water SCADA project aims to establish a centralized monitoring system for the potable water supply system within the State. The Centralized Water Information Management System is a centralized monitoring and operations platform for integration of data from multiple SCADA sites and Reverse Osmosis (RO), De-Fluoridation Unit (DFU) & Solar Bore-well sites which gives it the capability to effectively manage and administer water operations across the states. The entire data from various sites are being collected at a single central site (State Data Centre) which leads to the creation of the Centralized Water Information Hub of the State.
The readings from various master SCADA systems installed within the State shall be transferred at regular intervals to a centralized monitoring facility for storage at State Data Center. This shall include readings of multiple SCADA installations across the State related with water lifted from various sources, water flow, water quality, energy consumption, pump efficiency, amount of clear water pumped and pressure optimization is required to be monitored at central command center. The centralized monitoring facility shall have features related with GIS based visibility and control of assets, water related analytics, role based dashboard, reports, water incident management, resource allocation and availability, water infrastructure security etc.

Approach and Objective

• To Real-time tracking of Water Transmission, Water Treatment, and Water Distribution - up to the Local Control Centre (LCC). This would improve Total Accountability in Water Production and Water Distribution systems.
• To Real-time monitoring of RO, DFU and Solar Bore Well ensuring safe and clean drinking water t0 residents. This will help in the reduction in fatalities caused due by Water Borne Diseases.
• Any issues related to Water Leakages, Nonavailability of water, quality of water will get resolved quickly as authorities will get information about alerts on Mobile App.
• All assets across the state are being integrated into the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Module. Tracking and Monitoring of all PHED assets will help in efficient maintenance of all assets.


Established Command Center at PHED Head Office and followings list :
1 RO Plants 2450 Nos.
2 Solar Operated DFUs 2597 Nos.
3 Solar Operated Borewell 546 Nos.
4 SCADA 21 Nos.



Technology & Infra

SAS- IT IS COTs PRODUCT with customisation
IOT - Cisco HARDWARE and Software in WIMS


The key components of the project include the following:
(i) Establishment of Jaldhara Command-and-Control Center at PHED Head quarter.
(ii) Supply, integration, implementation, and commissioning of WIMS software including the following sub-components:
- Smart Analytics platform
- Geographical Information System
- Asset Management Software
- Energy Management System
- WIMS Portal
- WIMS Mobile Application
- Network connectivity between various SCADA locations, RO, DFU, and Borewell locations with RSDC
- Training
- Facility management services for a period of five years.
WIMS - The WIMS software and its Mobile App was developed by M/s YIL but yet not customised/ready as per PHED.

SAS Analytics - The SAS was installed by M/s YIL but yet not customised/ready as per PHED.

1. WLMS Module- A Standard software with proper customization was to be installed at SDC. The WLMS software was installed by M/s YIL but yet not customised/ready as per PHED requirements. A system study was also not done properly by the vendor which leads the slow progress of the project.
2. Required data for the WLMS - deployed software solution is not available with PHED and Not Developed as per PHED Requirement.
3. Subject & Domain expert manpower has not been deployed by M/s YIL for WLMS.

WIMS IOT Gateway device
1.100 Nos. of IoT amounting to Rs. 8.08 Cr. were procured by Ms YIL but only 1 IoT has been installed till date 15/12/2021, and the installed IoT site is not working properly.
2.M/s YIL has not provided any input as to where these IoT can be installed while YIL has intricate knowledge of the project and the usefulness of the IoT in the project.
3.M/s YIL still has not shown any analytical reports related to the WIMS gateway utility on WIMS / Mobile app, so that PHED can understand the utilization of IoT.
4.M/s YIL was required to explore IoT sites for installation of the remaining 99 IoT’s by doing a survey and making a domain experts/consultant team for the same. But not done so, hence it seems to be delayed by M/s YIL.
5.M/s YIL submitted to RISL vide letter no. 16122021Dated 16-12-2021 in that two sites received on dated 28-10-2021 for installation of IoTs. As per YIL the work is under progress while lapse of almost 2 months. Which show extreme slow progress in the process.
6.YIL requested to provide more IoT sites from PHED/RISL but the sites have not been provided by PHED yet. Although RISL also pursuing continuously for the same through many letters.

Also Issue of Connectivity with RISL Network Team for various SCADA sites.


FY 2017-18

Impact Zone

PAN state


Under Implementation




Main Partner - M/s YOKOGAWA India Ltd. And his Co-Partner - M/s e-Connect Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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