Project Description

Raj-LMS is a Learning Management System (LMS) for providing e-Learning courses & online trainings to Government Departments. Departments can create their own contents using the application & content creation tool. The platform could also be used for creating the assessments for evaluation. Application can also be used as an assessment engine and is used to do the assessment of 50,000+ E-Mitra Kiosks across the state.

It delivers and manages instructional content, identifies and assesses individual and organizational learning or training goals, tracks the progress towards meeting those goals, collects and presents data for supervising the learning process of the organization as a whole. It not only delivers content but also handles course registration, course administration, skill gap analysis, tracking, and reporting.

Approach and Objective

• Anytime Anywhere platform for learning and enhancement of skills of different officers, employees, students and other users associated with different departments of Government of Rajasthan.
• Ease of use and customizable for any department for automation as per their organization structure, reporting hierarchy, course creation, training batches, reporting etc.
• Facilitation to role based Online Courses, easy creation of e-course modules, training, assessment and evaluation.
• Achieving performance improvement at individual student level, assess the skill gap and to build skilled professionals of tomorrow


• A scalable online learning platform in Colleges, Polytechnics, ITI’s for online blended learning options in their Curriculum.
• Conduction of RCAT Quizathon across the state using the assessment engine of Raj-LMS.
• Content creations in Police department regarding using Raj-LMS in Police Department for Online Promotion Cadre Course Exam from Constable to Police Inspector in Rajasthan Police.
• Online Training platform for mandatory and optional courses in Police department
• Platform for easy creation of online training courses in any department like DoIT&C, Forest etc.
• Conduction of the Pre and Main Exams of Kiosk Operators from 50,000+ E-Mitra Kiosks across the state using the assessment engine of LMS.
• Flexible learning outcomes with Anywhere Anytime access with Mobile App as well.
• Ease of Content creation with a good content creation tool.


Police Department, RCAT, Election Department, DoIT&C, Education Department, Rajasthan Council of Secondary Education (RCSE), E-Mitra, ITI’s, College Education

Technology & Infra

Angular JS, ASP.NET, SQL


• Implementation across the state in all departments as a Single Scalable Integrated portal for storing/ retrieving e-learning contents, course modules for all students and training/ capacity building requirements for all Government employees.
• Facilitating Blended Learning Assessments for departmental promotions, certifications/assessments evaluation and learning path.
• Integration with Online Platforms like ZOOM, WEBEX etc. and conduction of Webinars/virtual Classes


FY 2022-23

Impact Zone

Across Government Departments of State






M/s. G-CUBE Solutions Ltd.

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