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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Advanced Technologies (RCAT) in Jaipur on 20 August, 2022. RCAT is an initiative taken by the Government of Rajasthan with an objective of imbibing and developing IT skills among the students & mid- career professionals. It envisions to augment an ecosystem to create career opportunities and steer an innovative model in IT education. Situated in the capital city of Rajasthan (Jaipur), the State-of-the-art campus is equipped with world class infrastructure and facilities. The centre has been developed to provide well researched and industry driven courses to provide seamless edification. R-CAT is currently offering a diverse range of programmes through joint certification with IT Majors/Tech Giants in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented & Virtual Reality and many more. Keeping in mind an outside-in approach, the programmes have been designed to cater the need the of market. R-CAT has joined hands with Global Technology Leaders to create synergy and develop an overall ecosystem using industry ready courses and modern infrastructure.


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